The following is genuine feedback from customers

who are, quite simply, nuts for the nuts!

“My favorite way to eat OperaNuts is…frozen! They are amazing.”


“Hi Rachel, You saved me with the Opera NUTS for Mothers Day. My sister-in-law loved them!”

– M.Y.

“Eating these always reminds me of the first time I put a Dorito chip in my mouth. I thought to myself: ‘Oh my gosh, they’ve invented some wonderful combination of flavors (sweet/salty) that is irresistible!’ I had that same feeling when I first tasted Opera Nuts — but these are good to look at, good to eat and, most importantly, good for you!”

– D.J.L.

“The Valentine’s Day cubes were a great hit with all my book club. And Rachel, my doormen are in love with you! I think they’d like to be a part of the Opera Nuts family of employees!”

– C.A.

“Your OperaNuts were absolutely delicious! They have a nice light taste, are delicately salted, and have a beautiful crunch!”

– Y.G.

“We served Opera Nuts as a snack for all the attendees of a Harvard Divinity School symposium. Rachel shipped them to us and (per our request) they arrived the day before the event, beautifully packaged and snug inside plastic bags like fine crystal. We had student servers fill cute little cups (which Rachel supplied, along with a stunning red tablecloth), and they disappeared like the proverbial hotcakes — a big success.”


“I need more — they are the bestest gift!!

The clerks at the Post Office practically jumped over the counter to praise the Opera Nuts they were given at Christmas. Everyone remembers the Nuts if they’ve been lucky enough to receive them.”

– C.C.P

I made the nuts last for five days. FYI, they were as delicious on day five as they were on day one. They stayed crunchy and did not stick together. I really could not discern any difference in freshness, consistency or taste. “

– W.G.

“I always thought a nut was a nut, but these (OPERANUTS!) are exceptional.”

– M.S.

“The nuts arrived today. I can’t believe how FAST they came. We’re gobbling them now…perfection!”

– A.&A.W.

“Dear Rachel,
Your nuts were a big hit. We received wonderful feedback from many of the over 2,000 attendees who joined us . Thanks for participating.”

– Jessica Gaffney
Events and Marketing Manager

“It’s the perfect gift to give, and the nuts were to die for. Her OPERANUTS are — no joke — the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life.”

– R. A.

“The nuts were a huge hit! I need more Event Cubes for next Monday . And we would like to offer them to our clients in California during the October Market week. Thanks, my friend.”

.- S.S

“If your ears were ringing of late , it was because everyone was abuzz about the nuts. They were a big hit.”

– C.A

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